TEENS TRAIN ALONGSIDE PEERS IN A FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE IN OUR FAST-PACED PROGRAM. Teen training goes beyond athletics, and provides opportunities for personal growth that they will benefit from for a lifetime. Our program offers chances for community service along with immersing them in tasks that will accentuate their leadership capabilities.  WE NURTURE TEENS’ ABILITIES AND CULTIVATE POISE, GROWING THE CONFIDENCE THEY NEED TO SUCCEED IN LIFE.             High school years are a huge time of growth and we understand the juggling act of taking college-level classes, sports, social life, and volunteership. Our program encompasses all these areas, by keeping teens accountable for their academics, and providing the opportunities for the rest in a safe and positive environment. We also know that teen years can be challenging emotionally, and our martial arts program is a safe outlet in which teens can build friendships as they train with others who share similar goals and experiences. TEENS RECEIVE MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING THAT USES SELF DEFENSE SKILLS TO GIVE A DYNAMIC WORKOUT AND PROVIDE AN ATHLETIC MEANS FOR EXPRESSION OF ENERGY, EMOTION, AND TALENT. TEENAGERS MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAMS THE BEST DECISION YOU WILL MAKE FOR YOUR CHILD! HWANG’S
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Teen Program:

13 - 17 yrs.

Learn keys to

success while

connecting with


Our teen program is an excellent way to get involved in an activity that is so much more than just a sport. By training alongside their peers that share similar goals and standards, teens can expand their social networks while maintaining accountability and increasing social and leadership skills. Give your teen the gift to have an abundant and successful adult life.
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