Hwang’s ATA Martial Arts offers great FAMILY DISCOUNTS so that the whole family can kick together!
Did you know? After two family members join – we offer discounts!  Spend time doing something new for yourself in our adult classes, or train alongside your children in our family classes! 


Waiting to begin martial arts until you are in better shape, is like telling your kids to wait to start school until they are smarter! There is no better time to start than right now!
Our instructors are trained to take all students age 4 & up, no matter their ability level. We are more than happy to discuss any concerns you have about disabilities, injuries, or other concerns.


It takes a village to raise a child. It takes good mentors and involved parents to raise a strong child.
Hwang’s ATA has reward systems for children’s positive home and school behavior. While we do create martial arts world champions, our goal is to create leaders. We push our students to succeed in martial arts, home, AND school, so that they can become truly successful in life.

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    What People Are Saying

    “I have watched Master Ken Hwang and his team for two of his three decades of teaching and mentoring. He outshines many others because he is able to convey martial arts teachings that help kids and adults alike in life. Kids can feel that Master Hwang genuinely cares about each and every one of them. He has extraordinary patience, but can take that extra step to push your child. It’s this balance that gives students such an empowered feeling when they learn what they can overcome.

    - Arianna T.

    “I have been a student of Songham Taekwondo for nearly 25 years.  One of the things I like about the ATA is that there are schools all over the country (and the world) and the curriculum is the same regardless of where you go.  So, if you travel a lot for your job, you can find a school.  If you have to transfer to another city or state, chances are there is a school near your new location.  So, that’s really a great benefit to joining the ATA.

    What is not the same is the caliber of the instructors.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many excellent instructors and I have been blessed to attend schools in Riverside CA, La Habra CA, Redlands CA, Oceanside CA, Irvine CA, Sacramento CA, Atlanta GA, Cincinnati OH, Lincoln NE, Aurora CO, Parker CO, Houston TX, Miami FL, and Anaheim Hills CA.  All great schools with top notch instructors, but NONE hold a candle to Master Hwang and his capable staff.  He is more than an exceptional instructor.  He is truly a Master.

    - Dianna S.

    For Master Hwang, Taekwondo comes naturally and he grew up practicing it; this understanding helped him instill discipline and confidence in my son, using martial arts as the tool to do so. My son’s grade school teachers over the years had the same compliments on how focused my son was and his ability to continue to set and acheive his goals. Master Hwang did not nurture these skills in my son just by yelling commands in the Taekwondo studio. He can relate the “how” and “why” questions to the concepts behind practicing drills and techniques. Practice is important here and he has been a huge influence in developing my son from an honor roll–to AP student–to pre-med college grad… and 3 year old tiny tiger–to state champ–to Taekwondo world champion. At his studio, this pattern of success can start at a young age and continue on.”

    Helene E.

    He plans his classes carefully.  His curriculum is very extensive.  His knowledge of movement is nothing short of remarkable.  If one way of teaching a technique doesn’t work for a particular individual, he will find another way, and another way and another way.  He is not only a great martial artist, but he is a wonderful mentor to the children, teens and adults in our school.

    So, if you want to learn martial arts and self defense, become strong and fit, and develop tons of mental confidence, I highly recommend you give Master Hwang and this school a try.  It’s a fun, friendly, family environment you will truly enjoy.”

    Jen S.

    Parents love seeing the change in their child resulting from deepening degrees of confidence. The adults: both those that choose to make the journey to black belt, and those that enjoy watching his classes through the years, have so much respect for Master Ken and the instructors he produces. Connected through martial arts, the adults have formed a Taekwondo family that I can remember being strong back in the 90’s and I still see continuing to grow, generation after generation of families. These kicking and punching moms and dads to this day are close, no matter the distance from where and when we all came together.

    John H.