Ken Hwang has taught martial arts for over three decades to thousands of students across southern California schools, including the cities of Orange, Corona, and Anaheim Hills. He has impacted the lives of many and has been a mentor to several generations of future leaders.

After achieving the rank of 6th degree black belt last year, Ken Hwang embarked on a one-year “master apprenticeship” in which he traveled across the country with the 2013 cohort of other martial artists and underwent special workouts, seminars, and training.

So, in June 2013, Ken Hwang traveled with some of his students competing in the Taekwondo world championships and some of his junior instructors to Little Rock, Arkansas, to receive the honor. However, the true earning of the title of dae sah boo nim, or master instructor in Korean, occurred over his entire life dedicated to improving the lives of others.

Congratulations, Master Ken Hwang!